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Re-Milk Ltd. (OurCrowd)

Remilk uses a technique known as precision fermentation from a recombinant source (DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination to bring together genetic material from multiple sources) in order to synthetically produce casein micelles in powder form. Remilk’s target customers are dairy food processors, who will then add water, oils, and vegetable sugars

Eko Devices Inc. (OurCrowd)

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in Eko Devices Inc. Eko develops cardiac screening devices, care coordination software, and interpretive algorithms to enable better monitoring and management of cardiovascular diseases. Eko’s algorithms have a >85% accuracy as compared to 20-50% for alternative methods, resulting in faster diagnosis, optimal treatments, and superior outcomes.

Foretellix Ltd. (OurCrowd)

Foretellix is enabling the digital transformation of safety-critical automotive verification. Foretellix’s solutions uniquely scale to meet the challenge of verifying the safety of today’s increasingly complex automated driving systems. The platform orchestrates and manages the massive scale of testing required to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and shorten the time to market of Automated Driving

Innovalve Bio Medical Ltd. (OurCrowd)

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in Innovalve, a biomedical startup that is developing a Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement solution. Today, the only means of replacing a diseased mitral valve is by highly-invasive open-heart surgery. The device hopes to enable a simple, fast and safe catheter-based mitral valve replacement, yielding better clinical outcomes for a

Hailo (OurCrowd)

Hailo Tombstone

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in Hailo’s technology, which has developed an optimized processor for deep learning workloads, which it believes delivers unprecedented performance to edge devices. Hailo reports that its chip is built with an innovative architecture that enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications faster, while consuming less energy and

Bridge Office Fund II International-A, L.P.

Bridge Office Fund II International-A L.P. aims to assemble a diversified portfolio of existing commercial office properties that offer strong, current and projected income with an expectation of capital appreciation. The fund will create alpha at the asset level by transforming unit interiors and common areas; increasing tenant satisfaction; and adding profound social and community

The Resolute Fund V, L.P.

The Resolute Fund V, L.P. will primarily target control private equity investments and strive to create a diversified portfolio of established, well-managed and profitable middle-market businesses, located principally in North America. TJC’s investment strategy is to acquire companies in partnership with management andto support these investments with a hands-on approach which includes strategic acquisitions and

TechSee Augmented Vision Ltd. (OurCrowd)

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in TechSee’s technology, which combines AI with deep machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and big data to deliver a scalable cognitive system that becomes smarter with every customer support interaction. TechSee’s platform creates a single picture of customer issues across the organization, allowing warm transfer between channels and leveraging visual

Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc. (OurCrowd)

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in Greenlight. Through its sophisticated mobile app and debit card product, Greenlight helps parents teach their children to become more financially prudent. Parents can set up periodic allowances, provide financial rewards for chores, control and monitor spending from their child’s account, all while helping their children learn about personal

Sight Diagnostics Inc. (OurCrowd)

Through OurCrowd’s investment platform, Dancap invested in Sight Diagnostics. The company has created a point-of-care blood test machine that uses low-volume finger-prick samples to perform a complete blood count (“CBC”): a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. Sight’s technology combines the