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Charitable Foundation


Aubrey and Marla Dan, Tel Aviv University


Improving lives of communities through education and healthcare. Inspiring people to have meaningful, engaged, healthy lives.

  1. Communities
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
What We Are:

The Aubrey and Marla Dan Charitable Foundation (AMDCF) is a private foundation registered in Canada as per the Income Tax Act of Canada since November 11, 2002.

Who We Are:

The foundation operates as a Trust with a Board of Trustees, which consists of Aubrey Dan, Marla Dan and Elias Toby.

Additional Administrative Powers now include as of June 6, 2016 the role of Executive Director taken on by Alyse Dan. The Executive director reports directly to Trustee Aubrey Dan and indirectly to the entire Board of Trustees.

Who We Are: Going Forward:

Executive Director, Alyse Dan, is now the first point of contact for all organizations and will research and assess the potential and value of donations. This assessment will then be presented to the Trustees who will have the final decision in all philanthropic values. Donation requests will be accepted in the spring and fall.

The Charitable Foundation operates to help support small to medium sized charities that value community building, education and/ or health care within Toronto and Ontario as well as Israel.

We aim to make impactful donations of up to $50,000 to a specific project or to the overall charity. The donation amount can be broken up across projects for one organization as agreed in writing prior to the donation being given.

We will not exceed $50,000 per annum to a specific charitable organization.

Hyperbaric chamber at the Judy Dan Wound Care Centre

Naming Rights:

All donations must be given under the name The Aubrey and Marla Charitable Foundation.

Any donations or projects that require naming, must include the full legal name as stated above.


  • Building inclusive and engaged community within Toronto and Ontario as well as Israel
  • Inspiring people to lead better lives
  • Building a stronger connected community that is engaged and successful


  • Supporting positive and successful development of children, youth and women
  • Access to arts based learning opportunities and compelling artistic and cultural experiences


  • Fostering healthy lifestyles and supporting people’s overall wellbeing
  • Providing & creating resources that allow people to meet their basic needs

Supporting and encouraging communities to be:

  • Successful and prosperous
  • Inspired
  • Healthy
  • Educated
  • Confident
  • Resourceful

Requirements for Consideration:

Inquiries are accepted on an ongoing basis and significant funding decisions are made in spring and fall.

In order to be considered, we require a short proposal by email or mail outlining the following:

  • A clear statement of purpose of the charitable organization

  • A description of the proposed activity, including a list of key participants and collaborators, and an estimated budget and time frame

  • The amount of funding requested

  • The legal name and CRA Registration number

  • If you are unsure if you are eligible or would like to discuss your eligibility
    please e-mail Alyse Dan at

Exceptions to Consideration:

1. The advancement of religion (as defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency)

  • Organizing and providing religious instruction, and preforming pastoral work; or
  • Establishing and maintaining buildings for worship

2. Promotion of political platforms or reform

  • To raise money for campaigns; or
  • To raise awareness or money for a specific political party;

3. Established institutions; or

  • Foundations or charities that operate on large budgets or are recognized as large charitable institutions.
  • Projects that require more than $50,000 CDN.

4. Unable to provide substantial financial records or budgets

  • For the entire organization; or
  • For the specific project or donation request.


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